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If you are interested in helping to build Virtual Reality Models of Sacred Sites, please send an E-Mail to pete@stonehenge-avebury.net  for details of VRML/WRL authoring tools available.

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Southampton University is building a 3D Model of the Avebury site.
As yet the file is unavailable to the public but screen shots
can be seen on the following web site.
Virtual Avebury
Avebury News

English Heritage has given Intel the job of building a Virtual Stonehenge.
As of 23rd February 2000 the site was still not available for downloading.
As the site may become active at any time it is worth trying this link.
Virtual Stonehenge

Meanwhile we are making available to you a copy for you to download for Off-Line viewing.

Stonehenge.zip file (870. Kb)

You will need the Superscape Plugin to view this file.
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We recommend you use Internet Explorer 4+

Press Release

New 1st March 2000
New Enhanced Stonehenge site in Spain
Live Link